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Our TV wall mounting service

You may wonder why you would choose to have your flat screen television mounted on your living room or bedroom wall.  Well, there are two good reasons that spring to mind.  First of all, if you have invested in a wide screen, high quality HD TV, fixing it to the wall will give you that real cinema experience without the eye watering admission prices.  Secondly, if you have children, getting your TV away from them will prevent accidents or mess occurring!


Actually, when we think about it, there are more reasons to consider our TV wall mounting service.  It offers a neater look for all you minimalists out there and it can often be much easier for everyone to get a good view than when the TV is stuck in the corner.  Also, you can organise your TV to suit your seating arrangement rather than the other way around!


Despite the growing demand for laptops, tablets and video streaming services, people in the UK still watch around four hours of TV each day.  And 75% of us still watch TV in line with the broadcast schedule so families still settle down on a Saturday evening for a good night’s entertainment on the TV.  It’s really important, then, that your TV is in a good position that lets everyone have a good view and is comfortable to watch for hours on end.


Mays Aerials provides a TV wall mounting service because, although TVs are thankfully much lighter and thinner than they used to be, the screen size of the average TV has become much bigger.  It’s not the easiest of tasks to do yourself, given the screen size and the height you need to hang it at, so why not use a competent and affordable installations company to mount it quickly and efficiently?  Your TV cost a lot of money and the mounting needs to be 100% secure so calling in the professionals will reassure you that the job has been done correctly.


How we choose the right TV wall mount


As TVs come in all kinds of screen sizes, there is a huge variety of adaptable wall brackets to suit each type.  If you need a small TV mounted, for example, on a wall in your kitchen, we can supply a fitting that suits even screens of 15 or 20 inches.  There’s a wide choice of brackets for mid-sized TVs but we can also provide our service for screens of up to 70 inches.  We can mount any kind of flat screen TV, including plasma, LCD and LED, in a safe and secure fashion.


Obviously, the most important aspect of our service is supplying you with the right wall mount for your TV.  You can either tell us the make and model number or the dimensions and weight of the TV when you call.  From there, we’ll suggest a few different types of brackets that will work for your TV.  The best type may depend upon your room, where you want to put your Television and where everyone sits when they watch it but we can provide advice for any given scenario.


Ultra slim or fixed brackets fix your TV almost flush against the wall, giving a neat and modern appearance.  However, because it’s so close to the wall, you can’t move or tilt the screen, as opposed to the options listed below.  Opting for a fixed bracket, which is probably most suitable for really large screens, may be right for you when you take into account the layout of your room and how many people watch TV from which seats.


Tilting brackets allow you to tilt televisions down or up to ensure that you get a comfortable viewing angle.  This is perfect if you want to mount your TV above the fireplace but are worried that it’ll be too high up.  Tilting the screen down will make viewing far more comfortable and avoid neckache!  It can also be useful to avoid glare from the sun.  All you have to do is change the viewing angle to beat those reflection problems.


Cantilever brackets can be used to mount all types of televisions and give you the option to swing out your TV and return it to its original position so you can watch it from a number of angles in your living room.  The bracket also allows you to tilt and swivel your TV, which is ideal if you have an awkward shaped room or want to mount in an alcove.  And, although it may be frowned upon, you can also turn the TV towards the dining table if it’s in the same room...


Corner brackets, as the name suggests, are used to mount your TV on a corner in your room and are ideal if you are particularly short of wall space.  This may be because you have two or more large windows in your living room or have a lot of precious photographs or art hanging on the walls.  For large TVs, you can choose a double arm corner bracket for added support and security.


The right bracket is only the first part.  It doesn’t matter if your wall is plasterboard, brick or stone: we’ll undertake a full check, drill safely and use professional equipment.  This will ensure that your TV is perfectly level when it’s mounted – and that it will stay exactly where it was placed until you decide to move it.  With Mays Aerials, you can expect a quality service that will keep your TV secure.


What’s included in the price


We believe that we provide a comprehensive and value for money TV wall mounting service.  You can expect:


  • Full installation of your plasma, LED or LCD TV
  • Free advice on the correct flexible brackets that allow you to swing or tilt your TV
  • The provision of cable extensions if needed
  • The use of only the highest quality and strongest materials and parts to ensure safety and durability
  • Wall mounting of your speakers (If required)
  • Installation on the same day as your call, if you’re in a hurry
  • 1 year guarantee on all parts.


We also include a comprehensive check that you are still receiving all of the right channels and a full retuning of your TV if it has built in Freeview.  We can also set up any other home entertainment systems, such as surround sound, satellite reception, DVD or Blu-Ray players and digital boxes, as part of the service.  Whether you want to place your digital box on a discreet shelf in a corner or need your state of the art speakers expertly displayed, we can help.


You can be sure that we will cause the minimum of mess when we drill into your wall and will clean up everything thoroughly before we leave.  We’ll also suggest the best way to conceal your cables so that you’re left with a tidy look.


We cover a wide part of the south east of England, including Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.  Here is an idea of just some of the places in which we deliver our TV wall mounting service:


  • Aldershot
  • Brighton
  • Chichester
  • Dorking
  • Farnborough
  • Horsham
  • London
  • Petworth
  • Southampton
  • Winchester
  • Woking.


If you’re not sure if we cover your town, please call us on our freephone number and our customer services operators will tell you if you’re within our regions.


Our service standards


Our first priority is to provide a safe and secure mounting service, no matter how large or heavy your television is.  To achieve this, we use only quality equipment and experienced installers who will assess your room thoroughly and provide an efficient service.  Our guarantee is designed to give our customers peace of mind by telling them that they have hired a proficient installation firm that has confidence in the standards that it adopts.


We believe that we are different from other wall mounting service providers as we will give time to consider how the TV will look on your wall.  We want you to be as pleased with its appearance in your room as you are with the improvement in your viewing experience.  If we think that you will get a better TV viewing experience by locating your TV elsewhere in the room, we’ll suggest it.  If that takes more time, we don’t mind.  We’d rather you were absolutely delighted by the time we’ve left.


If you want to know how far we go to achieve superb customer satisfaction, please visit Checkatrade’s website and read the reviews from our already happy customers.  We are viewed as a sincere, reputable and decent company and we aim to keep it that way.


If you are fed up with the TV taking up valuable room that’s needed for other equipment or want more flexibility in terms of where you can sit to watch, we have the solutions to hand.  Call us and we’re sure that we’ll provide a service that exceeds your expectations.