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The importance of a good aerial installation service

These days, we spend a fair amount of money on televisions and sound equipment so that we can settle down to watch a movie in HD and in surround stereo.  However, we sometimes forget about the quality of our aerials.  Is your aerial up to the job now that the digital switchover has taken place?  If your picture isn’t quite up to standard, it may be your aerial that’s letting you down.


At Mays Aerials, we pride ourselves in offering a no-nonsense, value for money and speedy installations service.  We’re confident that we can provide and install the right aerial for your location and leave you with the perfect TV reception.


If you haven’t changed your aerial following the digital switchover, any crackles or interference might be due to the fact that it was designed to cope with analogue TV.  A digital TV aerial will get you the best reception and clear channels so don’t automatically blame your television or digital box.  A replacement aerial could work wonders on the quality of the picture you see.


In addition, you may have an old aerial that isn’t tuned in to receive the best reception.  Unless you update your aerial, you might have to keep re-tuning your TV to get all of your channels.  And who wants to have the nuisance of that every so often?  Let us replace your old aerial with one that could significantly improve your TV reception.


Some aerial fundamentals


The aerial and its connection to your TV are just as important to the quality of your viewing experience as is the standard of your TV.  Furthermore, there are many different types of aerials available to buy and the quality between them is variable.  At Mays Aerials, we only use high quality aerials so you can be sure that you get the ideal product.


The other essential element of receiving a great signal is the positioning of your aerial, especially if your current aerial is close to a chimney.  Placing a good quality aerial in just the right spot on your roof is critical to perfecting your reception.  We have the equipment to ensure that we can find that spot and install your new aerial quickly and efficiently.  Getting your installation right is particularly important if your home is surrounded by tall buildings or trees so hand the job over to the professionals and be reassured that you won’t have to keep adjusting your aerial.


Aerials are often designed to receive a certain range of grouped channels.  Each aerial is linked to the group of channels that it receives by a colour that is attached to the front of it so it’s really a case of matching the aerial to the group of frequencies that are transmitted in your area.  This will depend upon the type of transmitters in your area, which may have changed with the digital switchover.


We can easily guide you on how to match which aerial to your area’s transmissions so that you receive the best possible signal.


Types of aerials


Most aerials are ‘Yagis’, which deliver a signal by funnelling the radio frequency waves it receives on to what’s known as the dipole part of the aerial.  Because the radio frequency waves are electro magnetic, the electrical currents are driven into the aerial and this becomes the signal at the dipole.  All of the other parts of an aerial, such as the reflector and the directors, are there to help focus the correct radio frequency waves or act as a barrier against unwanted waves getting to the dipole.


There are four different categories of ‘Yagi’ aerials, three of which were designed to improve on the original model.  These are the ‘Double Yagi’, the ‘Tri Boom Yagi’ and the ‘X Beam Yagi’.  Although they are different, each type attempts to increase the number of directors, which in turn improves the gain the aerial will receive.  The ‘Double Yagi’ has two sets of directors next to each other while the ‘Tri Boom Yagi’ has three sets.  The ‘X Beam Yagi’ is a smaller model that uses a V shaped director or two small directors that attempt to do the same job as the longer, more traditional aerials.


It’s possible to get really technical when it comes to aerials.  Some aerials are called wideband because they are designed, as the name suggests, to work over a large section of the signal band and are more suitable if your signal comes from a main transmitter.  They can also work if you’re not receiving all of the Freeview channels that you should.  Grid aerials are a good example of a type of wideband, although they are sometimes also known as panel or grid array aerials.  They look just as you would imagine – a flat grid that consists of four dipoles placed in front of a large reflector.


There are also log periodic aerials, which tend to be seen less than the other types.  They still have the same parts - dipole, director and reflector - but they use all of the elements as potential dipoles and are quite efficient at dismissing signals that you don’t want.  They do, however, have a fairly low gain signal so are not suitable in every case.


When you have a weak signal, a high gain aerial may be the right product for you.  High gain aerials, which we have discussed in detail on a separate page on our website, narrow the focus of the signal in your area to improve reception and therefore picture quality.  These are particularly useful if you live on the fringe of the coverage from your local transmitter.


However, if the picture on your TV is freezing or breaking up into ‘blocks’, this tells us that you may be receiving interference in the quality of the signal to your house.  In that case, an anti interference aerial could solve your problems.  It’s important to try and figure out the source and type of interference from which you’re suffering and that’s certainly something that we can fix.  We’ll check all of your equipment and install an anti interference aerial that will resolve all of those issues and give you a great picture quality.


So how do you figure out which type of aerial you need?  The aerial that will be right for you will depend upon your home’s proximity to the local transmitters and the strength and quality of the signal in your area.  You may have a preference in terms of the size of the aerial on your roof but you can be sure that you will never receive a flimsily built or poor quality aerial if you come to Mays Aerials.


Because we know the areas in which we work so well, we can remove the time it would take for you to review all of the aerials available and assess which ones would work for you.  We’ll recommend a particular product and then undertake the installation for you.  Why would you want to go on your roof, even in good weather, and try to find the right place for your aerial?  We can take all of the hard work away from you without our services costing you a fortune.


Advice on where to install


If you have Freeview, we’d recommend that your aerial is installed outdoors wherever possible.  Indoor aerials may cause you to lose some reception or a number of channels.  If you would prefer to mount your aerial in the loft, you should be aware that the roof tiles may interfere with the signal but there are a number of aerial models that we can suggest that are better suited to loft installation.  Using satellite grade cables to connect the cable to your digital box may also help to boost the signal.


Your aerial should ideally be placed on your roof, mounted on a pole to get it higher than your home and pointed at the transmitter.  Generally speaking, the higher your aerial, the better quality service it will provide.  However, we’ll talk to you about the best options for you if you live in an area that’s susceptible to high winds and very poor weather during the autumn and winter seasons.  We don’t want to install an aerial in a position that makes it likely to get damaged, which then means that you have to arrange for repairs.  We want to place the aerial somewhere that gets the best out of the signal and keeps it secure.


What Mays Aerials can provide


Of course, our service also includes the connection of your aerial cables to your TV aerial socket.  We’ll provide all of the parts that are needed, including the coaxial TV cable, cable clips, splitter unit (if required) and flush-fitting coaxial socket outlets.  As this involves stripping wires and connecting cables, we only provide trained and qualified staff who are guaranteed to provide high quality work.


If you live in an area that suffers from particularly weak signals, we can also supply a signal booster to improve your reception.  There are a number of solutions available, including a TV distribution amplifier, indoor TV aerial booster or a masthead TV amplifier.  It’s generally best for a booster to be placed close to your TV aerial but there are also products that can be mounted in your loft or beside your Tevision.  An indoor aerial booster may be useful if you want to improve the reception quality of a number of TVs, such as in your kitchen or bedroom.  If your area is known for very weak TV reception, we’ll let you know and help you to decide if a booster is needed to strengthen the signal.


We’re also happy to provide installation services in holiday homes or caravans.  Just because you don’t use them all the time, you don’t have to put up with poor TV reception.  We can deliver an affordable package that will keep you and the kids happy on a rainy afternoon or evening!


Our services always cover the following:


  • Free estimates and quotes
  • Installation on the same day – Subject to availability
  • The reassurance that we are a professional member of Checkatrade
  • Local knowledge of transmitters and signal strengths
  • 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.


Our service areas


We provide our high quality installations services across the Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex regions, including:


  • Aldershot
  • Brighton
  • Dorking
  • East Grinstead
  • Gosport
  • Fareham
  • London
  • Petersfield
  • Portsmouth
  • Selsey
  • Southampton
  • Waterlooville
  • Winchester
  • Woking.


If you need a quick and cheap solution to poor aerial reception, we can deliver.  A new aerial, professionally installed and connected in the right way, needn’t cost the earth and we believe that we provide the most affordable services in the areas that we cover.  Why not put us to the test and call us today?



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