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Expanding your TV horizons with a satellite dish installation

At Mays Aerials, we believe that we can provide you with a superior and high quality satellite dish installation service.  With a choice of channels and radio stations provided by the likes of Freesat and Sky, there’s never been a better time to improve your TV viewing experience.


If you have decided to get a better choice of channels through a satellite reception and a box such as Freesat, our teams of qualified and experienced installers are on hand to recommend a dish that will suit your needs and your pocket.  Additionally, if you’re experiencing problems with your current dish or think that it hasn’t been aligned properly, we can fix things quickly and efficiently for you.


The principle of installing a satellite dish is similar to that of installing an aerial: it’s essential to locate the right spot.  An effective satellite dish, naturally enough, needs to be pointed at the satellite and that requires a calculation about the right latitude and longitude.  When the correct spot has been located, you also need to know how much to rotate the dish left or right and how far up in the air the dish should point.


Having the right technical knowledge makes this installation service much smoother.  We’ll connect everything up, secure the dish using quality poles and equipment and ensure that everything is aligned just right.  The location of your dish is absolutely crucial as even a small error in alignment will result in channels not being found.


We can make the whole process easy so that you don’t have to figure these things out for yourself or spend time balancing on the roof of your house.


Choosing your dish model


Not surprisingly, there’s a wide choice of satellite dishes on the market and a quick check on the internet will confirm this.  First of all, there are two main sizes – standard and mini.  The bigger the dish is, the narrower its focal angle will be.  This focal angle is really important when it comes to reception quality as it works to dispense with signals from other satellites.  Larger dishes are better the further north you go in the UK but the mini dish is more suited for the south of England and is more discreet in terms of its impact on the look of your home.


Of course, there are different sizes within those two categories and the size you need will sometimes depend upon the length of cabling required.  Not only that, but companies make dishes from different materials.  A steel dish is cheaper but is prone to rusting while aluminium is more expensive but is less likely to corrode - although properties on the coast need to be careful of sea water spray.  You could also opt for a perforated dish, although it can sometimes offer not quite the same reception level as a solid dish.


It’s also important to consider the type of low noise block downconverter (LNB).  This sounds like a lot of jargon but simply refers to the box that sits on an arm from the dish to pull in the signal from the satellite.  This allows the signal to be reflected fully in the satellite dish, which is then sent into your home.  Again, there are many different types of LNBs and some work better with certain types of satellite dish and services.  A dual LNB – two fixed together at the same angle – is used when someone has opted for a dual LNB satellite dish.  This means that the LNB is receiving signals from two different satellite signals at the same time, offering additional foreign channels.


If you’re keen to receive European satellite channels, such as through the Astra or Hotbird networks, we can recommend the products that you need.


Because there is such a choice, many people opt for a dish that blends in more with the appearance of their home and is the smallest possible without compromising the signal.  These days, you can have an effective dish that is of a size and style that won’t spoil the look of your house.


If you’re really concerned about the sight of the dish, we can suggest a number of options, including hiding the dish behind your chimney or at the back of the roof, placing it in a tree or on a garden shed or painting and camouflaging it.  We’re happy to talk through all of these factors with you before you commit to using our services and advise you on a dish that is aesthetically pleasing to you but won’t cause any reduction in picture quality.  We’ll also ensure that the cable to your satellite dish is as unobtrusive as possible.


If you live in a block of flats, you’ll need to check how many satellite dishes are already in place because there are regulations on how many can be situated on a particular building.  If you’re in any doubt, we can advise you on your situation.  In addition, anyone who lives in a listed building should be aware of any planning regulations and check with their local council before going ahead.  We’re experts at recommending mini dishes or some of the options mentioned above to make sure that you don’t fall foul of any requirements placed on you by the council.


Who would have thought that there were so many elements to consider?  If you’re unsure which dish is best for you, let us assess your needs for your home and recommend a particular product that will be ideal.


Our professional standards


Mays Aerials deliver a professional and timely satellite dish installation service that delights our customers.  That’s our whole focus.


You can expect the following when we come to install your satellite dish:


  • A full explanation of which dish is best for you, including how the dish will look on your house
  • The quick and efficient installation of a high quality dish
  • A fixed dish digital satellite receiver that is European compatible
  • The use of all equipment and parts that meet CAI standards
  • High quality digital cabling
  • Sturdy steel brackets, masts and poles
  • The use of a digital signal meter to place your dish for perfect reception
  • A service that is fully compliant with the digital switchover
  • Full re-tuning of your TV set
  • 1 year guarantee on all parts and labour.


We offer a same day installation service for those who need it.  Otherwise, we can visit your home at a time that is convenient to you.  Our efficient customer service operators are on hand to make appointments and answer any questions that you may have.


Our comprehensive service includes a full assessment of the quality of your picture on all of the channels available to you.  Our installer will ensure that everything’s perfect by checking all of the connections and retuning your television or set-top box (HD or otherwise).  In offering this, our customers can be assured that they will be completely happy with their installation.


And the price of this high quality service?  Well, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable quotes.  Our assessments of your needs are so accurate that we can tell you in advance exactly how much your installation will cost.  You will always know what you’re committing to before we go ahead so you can be assured that you’ll receive real value for money.


Why we’re the experts


We offer a competent and experienced installation expert on every job.  All of our fitters routinely provide a high quality service in a skilled, pleasant and accomplished manner.  They will never compromise on the quality of the service that they deliver but will also undertake their work quickly and efficiently.


We have spent a great deal of time establishing the high quality service that we deliver.  The investment that we have made in our customer service operations and our fitters means that we are confident about telling people that we are the best at what we do.


We are committed to keeping the quality of our services under review, which is why we are a member of Checkatrade.  This website requires its members to deliver a professional product or service at all times and gives local customers the chance to leave ratings and reviews.  We believe that the positive feedback we have received reflects our dedication to superior customer satisfaction.


If you’re unhappy with our service in any way, we’ll deal with your complaint sympathetically and do whatever it takes to resolve things for you.  As we benefit from many personal recommendations, we know that it’s vital to fix any problems right away.


Because we’re a regional business and know our customer base well, we have an exceptional knowledge of which satellite reception signal is right in your area.  We don’t want to be one of the national providers that declares that it can provide a service to everybody everywhere.  We’re proud of our personal touch and we know that’s an important part of what brings customers to our door.


Our beliefs


When it comes to our satellite dish services, our values are as follows:


  • A complete focus on a professional and efficient installation service
  • Clear communication, whether we’re talking to you on the phone or explaining face to face what we’re about to do
  • No corner cutting – everything that we supply must be in tip-top condition
  • A firm belief that local trades people are always the best when it comes to personal services
  • Competitive and value for money pricing
  • The customer is always right – yes, it’s a cliché but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true!


We’re always delighted when we receive thanks, compliments and praise from our customers.  We believe that this is a reflection of our hard work and dedication to make that extra effort to provide 100% satisfaction.  Perfection is a difficult goal to aim for but we think that everything we do should get us as close to it as is possible.


Where we provide our services


We install satellite dishes across the south east region of England, including:


  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Surrey
  • London
  • Hampshire
  • Brighton
  • Basingstoke
  • Eastbourne
  • Southampton
  • Chichester
  • Guildford
  • Petersfield
  • Portsmouth
  • Worthing.


Our beliefs and values dictate how we run our company and we want to be regarded as the number one satellite dish installation provider in those regions.  We think our reputation speaks for itself.


We’re a helpful and innovative business that always keeps on top of new products and services to improve the way we deliver our installation services.  We’re not complacent: if there’s a better way of providing a service, we’ll adopt it.  That’s what makes us different from other installation companies.  We are always keen to improve what we do and how we deliver it for the benefit of our customers.


If you’ve decided that you want a satellite delivered TV service and all of the choice that it can offer, speak to one of our team.  We’ll install your dish quickly, professionally and at a price that won’t dent your bank balance!