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The best aerial and satellite dish installations in Leatherhead

Why should you choose Mays Aerials instead of another repairs and installation company in Leatherhead?  Do you think that these types of service providers are all the same?  We know that we provide a superior service and prove this day in, day out, to happy customers in Leatherhead and beyond.


Our first point of difference is that we are a professional member of a website called Checkatrade.  This allows our customers to post reviews on the quality of our services and rate important aspects such as reliability, workmanship and tidiness.  Not all other companies in the aerial and satellite dish repair and installation sector would be happy to have their customer satisfaction levels published in this way.  We are.


Beyond that, it’s the quality of our staff & engineers that makes us such a responsive and reliable company.  When you phone us, we know you’ll be pleased with the way our customer services representatives talk to you about your needs and make appropriate suggestions.  We also think you’ll be pleased with our same day service and the years of experience that our team of installers in Leatherhead can demonstrate.  We know that motivated staff equates to an excellent experience for our customers so we only employ dedicated and hard working people.


We pay attention to detail on every job.  Our knowledge of even small components like sockets or connectors is second to none.  You may wonder why we bother spending time inspecting such minor parts but we want everything to be hard wearing and to work for years.


The products on offer

We provide installations services for Freeview, Freesat digital boxes and Sky satellite dishes in all kinds of Leatherhead homes.  For those on a limited budget, Freeview and Freesat offer excellent solutions to gaining additional channels without paying a monthly fee.  In line with the name, once you have bought the digital box, there are no further charges.


If you’re trying to decide between Freesat and Freeview, you may want to consider first whether you’d prefer an outdoor aerial or satellite dish – or even which one would give you a better signal.  With Freeview, you need an aerial (we supply compatible wideband and high gain models) and the Freesat system works with a satellite dish.  If you like, our fitter can review your options with you so that you’ll be delighted with the picture quality when your package has been installed.  For football fanatics, we may suggest a motorised dish so that you can watch sports from European channels.  If you have an HD television, we’ll recommend a digital box that offers you the best range of HD channels.


For those who’ve invested in a Sky package, our installer can quickly install your satellite dish and digital box, ensuring that you get the optimal signal.  We’ll use high grade connectors to link together all of the equipment and check that all of the channels you’ve paid for are available.


Of course, we don’t forget the huge number of radio fans out there.  If you want a sharp reception from anywhere in the house, we’ll provide a DAB or FM aerial that can be secured discreetly beside your TV aerial on the roof.  The right aerial will stop you from having to tune carefully into your favourite radio stations and give you an excellent radio listening experience.


We don’t just limit our advice to the products on offer and how to install them.  We also repair and fit indoor loft aerials, provide guidance on hiding satellite dishes and install in small living spaces, including bijou flats, caravans and holiday homes.


If you choose Mays Aerials, the advice that you receive from our fitters will be first rate and tailored to your exact needs.


Maintaining excellent value for money

Even though we use the best fitting teams and good quality parts, you won’t pay a premium for our services.  Our lowest price is an amazing £50.


We help our Leatherhead customers to achieve great value by:


  • Being honest – we will never suggest a full replacement on a mast, aerial or satellite dish if a cheaper repair will do the job just as well
  • Recommending in line with your budget – we won’t try to persuade you to spend more than you can afford
  • Refurbishing your dish – if you’re moving from Sky to Freesat to save money, we may be able to cut your costs even more by reusing your Sky dish
  • Offering a guarantee – in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you won’t have to pay extra to have it fixed
  • Sharing the reception – we provide solutions, using a splitter and signal booster or amplifier if required, to install TV aerial extension points, meaning that you don’t have to buy digital boxes for each room in which you want to watch television
  • Giving added value – we can provide a TV wall mounting and cable tidying service so you’ll be encouraged to watch more films at home rather than go to the cinema!


We believe we take a lead in offering excellent services at exceptional prices across Leatherhead.  Why not take advantage of our offers and phone us to find out what we can do for you?