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Delivering a tidy aerial and satellite dish service in Hook

Tidiness may not be at the top of your list when you consider the qualities you want your aerial or satellite dish installer to have.  However, we think that it’s part and parcel of the quality of the services that we provide.  If a fitter is installing extra TV points to give you a multi-room TV set up, do you want the indoor and outdoor cables and leads to be messy and unsightly?  Of course not.  That’s why Mays Aerials is committed to delivering repairs and installations that don’t spoil the look of your home.


If you would prefer the cables to be routed a particular way, we’re happy to oblige.  Our installers will take the time to talk through the layout in your living room and the best way to keep leads and the aerial socket out of sight.  We can also take away excess packaging on the equipment we install and will never create a mess.


Another way to get a cleaner look in your living room is to take advantage of our inexpensive TV wall mounting services.  A large screen plasma or LCD television looks great fitted flush on a living room wall – and it improves the view and clears vital space in the room as well!  Again, we do our utmost to keep the cables as discreet as possible so that they don’t detract from the impact of your wall mounted TV.


A picture perfect focus in Hook homes

Of course, it’s all about the quality of the TV pictures as far as we’re concerned.  We’ve done our job only when you’re delighted with the sharpness of your TV reception and the range of channels available from your Freeview, Freesat or Sky digital box.


Some parts of Hook and the surrounding area suffer from a weak signal, simply because of their location in relation to the local transmitters.  If your home sits in one of those areas, you’re obviously more likely to suffer from poor reception issues such as picture loss, break-up or freezing.  Bad weather can also be a problem for both aerial and satellite dish services so we do our best to recommend solutions that can combat this as much as possible.


High winds can cause aerial issues, either breaking up your TV picture or causing damage to it or your mast.  If you have tall trees around your home, they can make the situation even worse as the reception can be interrupted by the movement from the trees.  If this is a regular problem for you, we might suggest replacing your existing aerial with a stronger high gain or wideband aerial.  Alternatively, it may be the case that you need a higher mast to get your TV, DAB or FM aerial above the height of nearby trees or buildings.


Signal quality improved in general after the digital switchover but it didn’t eliminate the problem of weak TV and radio reception.  If you’re at a loss as to what’s causing your picture quality problems, our fitters will start by examining your rooftop or indoor loft aerial to check if it needs to be repaired or replaced.  Sometimes a quick repair and new connectors or leads are all that’s required.


In the example of the multi-room set up that we mentioned at the start, we can make sure that the splitter process doesn’t weaken the signal by using an appropriate amplifier if need be.  There are as many kinds of amplifiers and boosters on the market as there are aerials and satellite dishes so we’d advise you to seek advice on which kind may or may not help to improve the signal coming into your Hook home.  We undertake regular home reviews to provide expert recommendations on the ideal makes and models of equipment.


Delivering aerial installation in a variety of settings

Our installers are in the business of fitting aerials and satellite dishes in all types of homes, holiday accommodation and static caravans.  From terraced to detached, flat to steep, we have installed on many different kinds of roofs and delivered sturdy repairs and installations services in all areas in Hook.


Our company also has a number of other options to offer:


  • Installation of a motorised dish to allow you to receive extra channels broadcast from Europe
  • Free information on the features on various Freeview and Freesat digital boxes, such as the availability of HD channels, catch up TV and pausing and rewinding live TV
  • Fit your new Sky package once you have made the appropriate arrangements with Sky
  • We provide cable extensions to relocate your aerial or satellite dish to the best position for your TV signal.


If you need comprehensive advice on the best TV viewing solutions for your property in Hook, we’re the company to call.  Our staff will be pleased to listen to your requirements and give you a detailed quote for the work before carrying it out to the standard you expect.