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Getting a great TV reception on Hayling Island

At Mays Aerials, we believe that every household should be able to get the best picture possible, no matter where they live.  Our team of installers uses its expertise to deliver high quality aerial and satellite dish installation services in areas such as Hayling Island that are a little out of the way.


TV reception issues can be a common problem in rural and less populated areas because of the location of transmitters and the type of signal that they emit.  If you’re experiencing poor signal strength on Hayling Island, don’t become frustrated.  If you can’t solve the problem with a simple retune of your digital box, contact us and we’ll get to your home on the same day to fix things for you.


TV reception problems can be due to the type of aerial or dish that you have or the place that it is located.  Because of our excellent local knowledge, we will know exactly whether a standard or high gain or wideband aerial is best for your roof.  If your set up needs some kind of booster or amplifier to help strengthen the signal or a splitter to give you extra aerial points (if you enjoy a strong signal), we can help.  Alternatively, it may be that your aerial mast is fine but that the aerial itself is simply pointing the wrong way following the digital switchover.  Whatever your problem may be, we’ll provide solutions that are efficient and affordable.


In addition, if you need something extra such as a motorised satellite dish to get European channels, it can be tricky to choose and install exactly the right product.  We’ll make the fitting process simple by suggesting the right equipment for your home, the right spot to install it and the proper supports to place it on your wall.  Or, if you want to watch TV in a number of different rooms in your home, we can provide advice on a multi-room set up and ensure that you have enough extra TV points and sockets.


Even if you live in an awkward location or need to set up an indoor aerial installation in your loft, we can sort everything out for you with no fuss whatsoever.  We’ll come to your home, take a look at the equipment you have and then suggest and install whatever you need to get as full a range of channels as is possible for your area.  It doesn’t matter if you have Freesat, Freeview or Sky, a Mays Aerials fitter can undertake a variety of tasks, including small or large repairs, installing or replacing cables or connectors, TV wall mounting, ensuring that you receive DAB rather than FM radio channels or replacing aerials or dishes with the most efficient and up to date outdoor models.


Our dedication to resolving even the trickiest of reception problems sets us apart from other aerial and satellite dish companies.  Here’s what you can expect from us:


  • A full explanation of the reason for your signal problems in easy to understand language (the world of transmissions and frequencies can become quite technical!)
  • Advice on what is the best solution for you, taking into account any particular features of your home such as a hard to reach roof or the weather vulnerable top of a caravan
  • Information on the channels (HD and others) and recording facilities available on each of the digital boxes we stock and install
  • Not only an efficient repair or installation service, but a tidy and clean service
  • A full check on your television to ensure that you’re getting all the channels that you should be receiving.


We achieve all of these by using a team of highly experienced installers.  If you think they won’t have come across the type of problem that you have, you’ll probably find that the person who arrives at your door has indeed tackled the same or a very similar reception issue in the past.  Our installation team is the best at providing you with a high quality TV picture and at answering any related questions that you may have.


Of course, if you’ve just moved in to your new home on Hayling Island, we can also provide a full installations service at a price that will suit your budget.  We have full Freesat and Freeview packages available that will be ideal for your TV viewing habits.


We believe that we are the best aerial and satellite dish repair and installations company in the areas that we cover.  We won’t shy away from hard to fix problems but will lead the way in getting you the best TV coverage available and a great home entertainment experience.