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Our passion to achieve great TV viewing in Dorking

Why does Mays Aerials deliver such high quality aerial and satellite dish repairs and installations services in Dorking?  It’s quite simple.  From our customer service operators to our teams of fitters, we love what we do!


As a personal service company, we enjoy meeting local people and helping them to get the most of their Freesat, Freeview and Sky digital boxes.  Busy at-home parents and hardworking professionals deserve to have a little downtime in the evening so why should they put up with fuzzy pictures, break-up or loss of channels?  If you’ve paid for a good quality television and a digital channel service, you shouldn’t allow your aerial or satellite dish to let you down.


We repair aerials and satellite dishes in all weather, seven days a week, to offer you the convenience you need.  If you don’t want to miss your favourite programmes, we provide a same day service and work fast to restore your signal.


Our installers also love to problem solve, which is why we are so good at fixing your particular issues.  Here are some examples of the problems that can occur and how we can help:


  • Transmitter signals can change, which is why each installer we employ is local to the Dorking area – they’ll always know if your reception issues are being caused by the nearest transmitter.
  • High winds and other bad weather can adversely affect your aerial or satellite dish and perhaps even damage them.  Whether your aerial has been knocked off its alignment or you need a replacement dish, we carry the right equipment and parts – such as cables, leads, connectors and sockets – to get the job done promptly.
  • Radio aerials can also suffer the same type of damage.  If you’re a big fan of your local radio station, we have a range of FM and DAB aerials ready to be installed that–– will provide you with a high quality radio reception.
  • If your aerial or satellite dish is not in the optimal position, you may lose reception quality or even the number of channels available to you.  We have the knowledge and technology to reposition your equipment and achieve a perfect picture quality.  Indoor in the loft or outdoor on your roof, we secure your high gain or wideband aerial with a strong mast in exactly the right place.
  • If the ideal place for your aerial or dish makes an unwanted impact on the look of your home, we can suggest the use of an amplifier or booster.  This may allow you to use a different location, such as the top of a caravan or shed roof.  Alternatively, we offer a range of smaller satellite dishes and models that can be painted to reduce its visibility.


Why Dorking customers rely upon our judgement

Our customers depend upon us to make recommendations on the products that are right for them.  When we are asked to suggest a particular digital system, we always take account of two key factors: budget and lifestyle.  By doing this, we provide tailored solutions that suit each individual customer.


We never want you to pay more than you need to for the TV service that’s best for you.  If you spend a lot of time in your home, you may not need a digital box with a hard drive that allows you to record programmes.  However, if you party hard at the weekend and like to watch TV during the week to unwind, a box with a hard drive or catch up TV might be just right.  We can explain the features of all of the digital boxes we stock, including the range of HD channels, so that you can buy with confidence.


Of course, we’ll also provide recommendations on exactly the right type of aerial or satellite dish for the location of your home in Dorking.  Our goal is to provide an installation that will give you many years of service so we balance affordability with quality so that you know you’re getting the best deal for your money.


On top of that, we also offer: a versatile TV wall mounting service that frees up space in your living room; the latest in motorised dishes to give you extra European channels with no additional subscription costs; and the installation of extra TV points and a splitter to give you TV in different rooms.


Visiting your home

We appreciate that a Mays Aerials fitter will effectively be a stranger in your home.  This may be a little off-putting for those who live alone or who are more vulnerable.  That’s why we:


  • Thoroughly check the backgrounds of all our installers, including criminal convictions, work references, qualifications and training
  • Require each fitter to turn up when they’re expected and to show their work ID
  • Demand that our installers offer a professional and polite service at all times – you can check our previous customers reviews on this aspect at the Checkatrade website
  • Expect our fitters to treat people’s homes with respect, ensuring that they tidy up as they go along
  • Have procedures that require our installers to check that the customer is entirely happy with the service before they leave.


Fitting high quality aerial and satellite dish based TV packages requires a team of knowledgeable, reliable and dedicated engineers.  We have many such individuals that are committed to offering a first rate service in Dorking and beyond.  If you need any assistance with your TV reception, please give us a call.