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Our aerial & Sky services for Camberley sports and film fans

Sports are an important part of Camberley’s community so we’re sure that a lot of its population love to watch as many events as possible on TV!  Mays Aerials confidently delivers first class services to sports and movie lovers, who want pin sharp pictures when they’re watching the big game or the latest film.  With our knowledge of the signal types received in Camberley, we can provide you with an exceptional aerial and satellite dish repairs and installation service.


When you’re passionate about the quality of your home entertainment system, you want the best for your budget.  Many households opt for a Freeview or Freesat package because it allows them to access a wide range of additional channels and radio stations without paying a monthly subscription fee.  With both of these set ups, you only have to pay once for the fitting of a digital box and an aerial or dish (depending upon which package you choose), whereas Sky and Virgin Media’s services involve a monthly charge.


If you’ve heard about benefits such as pausing live TV and watching those amazing nature programmes in HD, we can recommend the right Freesat or Freeview box that will give you these features.  Many families need more flexibility when it comes to watching TV programmes and your family may be interested in a box with a hard drive that can record shows.  We can provide advice and reviews on a wide range of digital boxes, their features, prices and which would be best suited to your viewing patterns.


If you’re in a hurry to start watching sports, documentaries or films in HD, our team of fitters can promptly install the equipment to achieve the right system for you.  Here’s what we can offer:


  • In many cases, we can deliver a service on the same day or within 24 hours.  We’re also happy to set up an appointment for a specific date and time.
  • If we need to view your property to provide a quote, we’ll also turn up then at a time that’s convenient to you.  We’ll be focused on ensuring that the aerial (probably a high quality high gain or wideband type) or dish captures just the right strength of signal to deliver the perfect HD picture in your home.
  • Unfortunately, some homes suffer from poor reception simply because of their location.  We can address that issue by using a booster to increase the strength of your TV signal.  If you previously used an amplifier prior to the digital switchover, you may well need a booster to be installed before you can enjoy your HD channels.
  • Some sports events are broadcast only on channels that require a monthly subscription, and we know that this can be frustrating to some of our customers.  However, one answer apart from using Sky TV to receiving more (although different) sports fixtures lies in installing a motorised dish that can receive channels from the likes of France, Germany, Spain and Eastern Europe.
  • The quality of your TV viewing, especially on the HD channels, doesn’t just depend upon your aerial or dish.  Every part of the system, including the connectors, aerial sockets, masts, leads and cables must also be reliable and hard wearing to ensure that your set up is reliable.  We use parts that are not only CAI compliant but also come with a 1 year guarantee.
  • Your system needs to work harder if you’re keen on being able to watch TV in different parts of your house.  Our installer will use a splitter and extra TV points to deliver what you want and then ensure that your picture hasn’t been compromised in any way.
  • Some people prefer – particularly if they have a large screen - to have their TVs mounted on the main wall of their living room so that they can really enjoy watching sports or films.  We also provide a secure TV wall mount service that we can deliver as part of your home entertainment system or as a standalone service.


Other customers become worried because they think it will be too difficult to install an outdoor aerial on their roof.  It may be that it’s not as hard an install job as they think or though if fitting a aerial on your roof is too probmatic we can instead fit an aerial that is suitable for indoor use in your loft as an alternative.  Wherever you want (or don’t want!) your aerial or dish located, we’ll provide exactly the installations solutions to enable you to enjoy your TV viewing.


Our company can also provide very affordable television packages in second homes, holiday homes and static caravans.  No job is too small for us to attend to: we can replace a worn lead, repair DAB aerials or adjust the location of your dish, if that’s all you need.


If you’re a movie or sports buff and feel that you’re currently missing out on what digital channels have to offer, please call us and we’ll be pleased to provide you with some advice.