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High quality aerial and satellite dish outcomes in Brighton

When our teams of fitters go out each day to repair and install the aerial and satellite dish set ups of our Brighton customers, failure is not an option.  No matter how problematic or weak your TV signal is or how badly damaged your aerial or dish has become, we’ll solve the issue for you.  Our installers persevere until your TV picture is clear and sharp, restoring HD quality or a perfect radio signal if your FM or DAB aerial has let you down.


We are experts at repairing existing equipment and will do our best to bring it back to the high quality of service that you expect.  However, storms, blizzards and birds sometimes cause damage that can’t be fixed, which is why we also offer an affordable replacement service.  We install a range of wideband and high gain aerials to work with the Freeview digital box and a number of different satellite dishes to complement your Freesat or Sky system.


It can be just as important to check that all of the parts of your TV package haven’t become worn or loose.  Securely fixed and good quality connectors, leads, sockets and cables all contribute to getting that strong signal to your television.  Whether our fitter is attending to an outdoor satellite dish beside your roof or an indoor loft aerial, they will always check that the connections from them to your television are robust.


We’re an independent company so we’re not limited in the types of products that we can recommend.  We pay attention to industry and consumer reviews so that we’re confident of offering good value, reliable digital boxes, aerials, masts and satellite dishes to every Brighton customer.


How Mays Aerials keeps Brighton movie lovers happy

Did you know that Brighton has the oldest working cinema in England?  While going to the cinema is great fun, it can also be pretty expensive.  For those who want to capture the cinema experience in their homes, we can help with the following:


  • We can deliver a TV wall mounting service that will give your large screen TV more of an impact.  Don’t be concerned that your pricey TV will suffer any damage; we only use very sturdy and robust brackets and offer them in a variety of sizes to suit all flat screen TVs.
  • Each installer has the expertise to suggest the best place in your living room to place your TV and accompanying sound speakers.  If you get the acoustics right, you’ll really enjoy watching your DVDs or Blu-Ray films.
  • People who come from the rest of the EU to the UK may want to access programmes and films from their home country.  We have an affordable solution that involves fitting a motorised dish, giving you a range of channels broadcast from various European countries.
  • Do you like to watch movies in bed?  With a splitter and a number of extra TV aerial extension points, we can deliver a signal to any room in your house that you want.  This is a really low cost answer to levering more flexibility from your digital package.


If you watch films on any of the HD channels, you’ll want to enjoy great quality pictures.  Don’t let a faulty or poor performing aerial or satellite dish spoil this.  We can fix the problem more quickly than you think.


Bringing new ideas to our customers

While Mays Aerials prides itself on being an expert in aerial and satellite dish repairs and installations, our teams are always willing to learn more.  Keeping on top of new developments and bringing them to our Brighton customers gives us an edge over other companies.


Because we don’t want to sit still, we have devised cheap, basic installation services for caravans and holiday homes and provided guidance on how to hide or disguise aerials and satellite dishes.  When Freesat and Freeview update their digital box products, you can be sure that we’ll know about them immediately.


The same principle applies to the transmitters across the counties that we cover.  Signals from those transmitters vary, and can also be affected by maintenance work, so it’s our job to know the latest status of the transmitters in your area.  We make it our business to have all the information to hand on the most effective booster and amplifier solutions so that you will receive the best signal possible.


If you think high quality and great prices can’t be combined, please put Mays Aerials to the test.  We cover all areas of Brighton and have particular answers for homeowners who suffer from the corroding effects of salt water, caused by sea spray.  Our customer service operators are ready to discuss your requirements.



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