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TV Aerial And Satellite Dish Installation Company

Mays Aerials are digital TV aerial installers & satellite dish installation experts, we are a professional and experienced company which specialises in improving the quality of home entertainment and reception through the many services that we offer our clients. 

In short we are the people who put the fun back into home entertainment!

Customer service is always our number one priority which is why a large proportion of our client base comes through word of mouth and recommendations.

Our team of friendly engineers are dedicated to what they do and are more than happy to spend that little extra time with clients to answer questions and explain how to make the most of their home entertainment systems.

Our trained engineers are fully qualified and undergo rigorous safety and customer service training before they are allowed out in the field.Their knowledge is regularly tested and updated as there are always new and better systems being designed and we pride ourselves on offering the latest digital technology in compliance with CAI standards.

We not only install new Digital TV Aerials, Freeview or Satellite Systems but we can repair your existing ones too, often saving customers’ money by eliminating the need for new equipment. We can also explain the Digital Switchover and help you to prepare your TV for digital technology. Click on our handy guide at the top of the page for a full explanation of the Digital Switchover.

Why Mays Digital Aerials?

So why go with us when there are plenty of other companies offering the same services? Satellite_Dish_Services

Because with Mays Aerials, great customer service comes as standard. We don’t just fit or fix your home entertainment system, we also spend that time with you to ensure you get a high quality reception on ALL the channels available and that you know exactly how to make the most of the package you have, whether that’s just Freeview or a Top Up package from one of the large providers.

We’ll even set it all up for you so that it’s ready to go at the click of a button!

We also guarantee all our parts for one year and all our aerials are fully CAI complaint, giving you full peace of mind in our professional service.

We also have a call out service so should anything go wrong, you can call us out and we’ll aim to be there either on the same day or by the next day so you don’t have to miss your favourite programmes.

What We Do.

Other services we offer our customers include: TV_Aerials_1

  • - Installation of TV aerials including digital TV aerials and satellite dishes
  • - Repair and maintenance of TV aerials and satellite dishes
  • - Freesat services
  • - TV aerial extensions and a wall mounting service for any room in the house
  • - Advice and support on using your digital/freesat/sky equipment

A complete list of the services we offer is located on the right of this page but if you require any additional information or have any questions about the services we provide or how we can help improve the quality of your home entertainment then don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak to a member of our helpful team.

Call us out today and by this time tomorrow you could watching the very latest movies, music and sports!


Services We Offer


Aerial Fitters

There is a lot more to an aerial fitter than the name would suggest. At Mays aerials our TV aerial fitters don’t just fit your TV aerial but they spend that little bit of extra time re-tuning your TV and ensuring that you know how everything works before they leave you as a happy and satisfied customer, one of a growing list of happy clients who regularly recommend us to friends and family.

Aerial Repairs

High winds, birds and even snow can all damage TV Aerials and interfere with your reception. But if you call us out we offer aerial repairs & services to restore your TV Aerial to perfect working order once again! Our parts come with a full year’s guarantee for your full peace of mind.

Digital TV Aerials

With so many parts of the country already switched onto digital, isn’t it about time you switched to a Digital TV Aerial too? Digital television aerials will enhance the quality of your viewing enjoyment, making reception clearer and easier to pick up on all the channels available, so you don’t have to compromise.

TV Aerial Extension

If you find that your TV Aerial doesn’t quite cover the ground you hoped it would then we can also provide a TV aerial extension & extra points service, providing the right extension for your aerial and then fitting it professionally and discreetly, leaving no loose cables.

TV Wall Mounting Service

Although you can buy the bits to mount TVs yourself, should anything happen your insurance may not pay out if you did not employ a professional to mount it for you. Accidents involving badly mounted TVs are quite high, so don’t take the risk. Our tv wall mounting installation service is fast, safe and secure and we can mount your TV onto any wall in the house! Plus the work is guaranteed – which takes another load off your mind!


Freesat Installation offers subscription free satellite TV through your Digital Box. Your TV and Digital Box does need to be set up to receive the channels but don’t worry if you don’t know how, we can set your TV and digital box up for you so that you’ll be soon be enjoying 150 TV, radio and interactive channels!

Satellite Dish Installation

Today’s satellite dishes are smaller and more powerful than ever before and can be fitted discreetly to most homes, whether you live in a modern brick townhouse or a listed thatched cottage. We do professional satellite dish installers at highly competitive prices that’ll put a smile on your face!

Satellite Repair Services

If you have an old satellite dish that’s a little worse for wear or under the weather then our satellite medics are on-hand to offer their professional satellite repairs services which will breathe life back into the old dish and onto your televisions!

TV Aerial Installation

If you’ve just moved home, converted a barn or built your own house from scratch then you might want to look for television aerial installation services to fit you up with a state of the art modern TV Aerial that’ll give you a great picture no matter what the weather! We can install your TV Aerials anywhere, from the loft to the roof and our expert fitters will know the exact position of your local signals for the best reception. All our aerials are CAI compliant for the best standards.

Aerial Installers

Our Freeview aerial installers are fully qualified and highly trained and adhere to all strict health and safety standards. There are no cowboys here, just a team of unsung heroes ready to swing into action to provide you with the very best in home entertainment!

Aerial Services

So that is who we are and this is what we offer. Honest, reliable and professional  Professional aerial services for every home and every TV. Surely your faithful and loyal television deserves the very best in quality Aerial Services? We certainly think so!

Service Areas 1

Mays Aerials Areas

Mays Aerials are your professional, expert Aerial Installers with years of experience behind us and superior knowledge of home entertainment systems that puts our rivals to shame. We operate in over 23 different areas, offering our expert advice and efficient services to each. Plus don’t forget that we also offer a 1 year guarantee on our parts and labour to everyone we see plus the same call out service which aims to get one of our engineers out to see you on the same day if possible.

We extend our professional services to the following areas:

Bognor Regis

If you are having trouble with your TV reception in Bognor Regis then our Aerial Repairs Bognor Regis service should be able to pinpoint the problem and get you back to full viewing pleasure! Or take advantage of our Aerial Services which includes TV Aerial Extensions for multiple TVs, Digital TV Aerials and TV Aerial Installation. With the digital switchover now in full swing, we can adjust your TV Aerial to get the best reception possible – guaranteed!


Full Aerial Services are also offered in towns such as Bordon as well as many other services such as Satellite Dish Installation in Borden for a wider range and choice of channels such as Sky. Our Aerial Installers don’t just install your dish for you, they provide both the Satellite Dish and Satellite Box and will spend the time tuning your TV, demonstrating how it all works and checking that everything is working as efficiently and effectively as it can.


Our Aerial Fitters are experienced, professional installers and repairers in Brighton who offer TV Wall Mounting Services, updates, repairs and installations of brand new TV Aerials and Satellite Dishes. Whatever problem you are having or whatever you want installing, our Aerial Fitters in Brighton are the best men for the job. What they don’t know about Aerial and Satellite Services isn’t worth knowing! Check out our services tab for the full range of Aerial and Satellite services offered by Mays Aerials – you’ll be surprised at what we can do!


Amongst our Services in Chichester we offer Satellite Dish Installation in Chichester and Satellite Repair Services. We can install Freesat or Sky along with upgrades and cover any repairs you might need. Our Aerial Fitters use high quality steel brackets and masts to fix Satellite Dishes securely and safely to the wall and can also offer a discreet fitting for listed houses. Reception and all connections are checked to ensure you are getting the most out of both your Satellite Dish and TV Aerial.


If you are moving house or upgrading your entertainment system in Crawley then take advantage of our competitive prices for Aerial Services Crawley. We provide TV Aerial Installation services for just about anywhere – houses, bungalows, flats, offices, schools, pubs and other businesses. So join the entertainment revolution and watch what you want, when you want, particularly if you sign up to satellite services offered by Freesat or Sky.

East Sussex

All you need to enjoy Freesat in East Sussex is a Satellite Dish and Receiver. We can provide both as part of our Satellite Dish Installation services. Our Aerial Installers will set up your dish in the best place possible for a superb reception and the Satellite Receiver can even have multiple televisions linked up to it so that you can enjoy Freesat in East Sussex from any room in the house. There is no contract to pay and if you already have a Satellite Dish then you only pay for your Freesat Receiver!


The Aerial Installers who work for Mays Aerials in Guildford are on constant call-out offering Aerial Repairs in Guildford, TV Aerial Installations and other services. They are experienced Aerial Fitters who never leave a property until they have checked that everything is up and running as it should. They will do a thorough system check on your behalf and it is because of our confidence in our Aerial Installers that we offer a one year guarantee on parts and labour.


Problems with Satellite Dishes and Receivers in Hampshire is not uncommon and something our Aerial Fitters know a lot about. Our Satellite Repairs Services Hampshire includes a full diagnostic of your TV Aerial, Satellite Dish and Receiver and our top of the range technology allows us to pinpoint any problem within minutes. Aerial Fitters carry all the tools they require with them so we can offer on the spot repairs to get your favourite programmes back on track.


Many TV Aerials may lose reception during the switchover in Haslemere because the location of the transmitter may have changed. Our Aerial Installers Haslemere can utilise their Digital Signal Meters to realign aerials and significantly improve your reception. Ask about our Aerial Services and consider getting yourself a Digital TV Aerial to boost your TV reception.


There are much more to our Havant Aerial Installers than people think. Of course primarily they are Aerial Fitters and provide a TV Aerial Installation service but they also carry out Aerial Repairs and maintenance, including Satellite Repair Services and can easily install your Freesat or Sky services. They can even offer TV Aerial Extensions in Havant and a TV Wall Mounting Service. So give us a call and find out what we can offer for you!


If you have an indoor TV Aerial then you may not get a brilliant reception in Horsham. Give us a call and one of our Aerial Fitters will chat with you about the benefits of an outdoors TV Aerial Installation in Horsham. It’s easy to do and costs much less than you think, plus the benefits are huge with regards to transmission and reception. You may even be able to access more channels as a loss of channels is commonly associated with a poor quality reception. So before you splash out on a brand new TV, check that it isn’t your aerial that is the problem – it may save you hundreds of pounds!

Service Areas 2

Mays Aerials Areas Part 2


Many TV Aerials can be upgraded to enhance their performance with a Digital TV Aerial or with our other Aerial Services offered in Liphook that can readjust and realign your TV Aerials. Don’t put up with poor performance or lay the blame on your TV, for even an analogue TV is capable of getting a great reception with just a few key adjustments of your TV Aerial. Call today and talk to one of our Aerial Installers in Liphook.


The right TV Aerial will very much depend on where you live and what your reception is like. The Digital Switchover means that some homes around Liss may be affected more than most when the transmitters for their area are changed. You may benefit from a wideband Aerial or Digital TV Aerials in Liss, or may simply need your TV Aerial adjusting so that it points in the new direction of the transmitter. Our Aerial Fitters can find out if your area is affected and what you need to do about it.


Don’t be fooled by so-called specialists in Satellite Dish Installation Littlehampton or Satellite Repair Services. Any professional Aerial Installer is more than capable of also fitting your Satellite Dish and setting up your Satellite Receiver as well as carrying out any vital repairs. In fact our Satellite Repair Services are not only efficient and guaranteed but will cost less than if you call out these so-called specialists. So give our local Littlehampton Aerial Fitters a go – you’ll be glad you did!


London is one of the busiest cities in the UK and with so many electronic and digital signals being sent all the time, it’s no wonder that some TV Aerials are not up to the job. Other things like corrosion and high winds can also upset your viewing enjoyment. If you need a new Aerial then our TV Aerial Installation services is one of the best around for professionalism and price. We also offer Aerial Repairs and Satellite Repair Services in London for those little accidents that are bound to happen from time to time.


As many TV Aerials were installed 10 or even 20 years ago, many householders discover that they are no longer up to the job. The TV Aerial itself may be fine and Mays Aerials would never replace a TV Aerial that didn’t need it, but you may want to watch TV in other rooms that don’t have aerial sockets or want to move an indoor aerial outside. Mays Aerial Services includes TV Aerial Extensions in Midhurst which will give you the choice of having multiple televisions or the benefits of an outdoor aerial. All TV Aerial Extensions are compliant with CAI standards and are provided and fitted by professional Aerial Fitters in the Midhurst region.


Our friendly and helpful Aerial Installers don’t just excel at Aerial Repairs and TV Aerial Installation in Petersfield amongst others, but also in customer service. Each Aerial Fitter will spend that extra time with customers re-tuning their televisions if necessary and demonstrating how Digital Boxes, Satellite Boxes or Freeview Boxes work. They will only depart once they are satisfied that you are getting the maximum potential out of your television. That’s why Mays Aerials is a recommended Aerial Services company in Petersfield, because we go that little bit extra for all of our customers.


We rely on our televisions for entertainment so much that when it lets us down it’s a major big deal. Mays Aerials understands this which is why we have a call out service that aims to be there in Petworth on the same day if at all possible. Our Aerial Installers in Petworth are professional and qualified engineers who use the latest technology to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies and then runs a full system diagnostic of your TV Aerial equipment. Our aim is to have your TV performing as well as on the day it was purchased – if not better!


Our Aerial Services in Portsmouth comes with certain guarantees like all our equipment being Digital Ready and compliant with CAI standards and all our Aerial Fitters being experts in their field – yes we even guarantee that! For TV Aerial Installations we guarantee the Aerial, mast and brackets used and for TV Aerial Extensions Portsmouth our cables are the strongest and tested for durability. We make sure everything from our Satellite Dishes to our TV Aerials and even Aerial Installers are checked and tested to make sure they meet our own strict standards. So trust the experts – trust Mays Aerials.


2012 is the date when everyone in Southampton will be switched over to digital, so if you are missing channels or are constantly having to re-tune your TV then why not consider switching over to Digital TV Aerials? It makes sense to combine your digital television with a Digital TV Aerial in Southampton for the very best signal. It also works great with Satellite viewings such as Freesat and Sky – which we can also install as part of our Satellite Installation Services. Our professional Aerial Installers are on hand to tell you more!


You can benefit from many satellite channels and services without needing to be tied into a contract with Sky or Virgin. Freesat Surrey is a free satellite service that offers more than 150 channels – all you need is a Freesat Box and a Satellite Dish. Mays Aerials can provide Satellite Dish Installation which includes a Satellite Dish and Receiver throughtout Surrey. All you need to do is make that phone call. For a one-off competitive payment, all the Freesat services could be yours. So get your mates round, order a pizza and make the most of Satellite technology!

West Sussex

If you are considering getting Satellite TV in West Sussex then consider our professional and efficient satellite service which includes providing both the Satellite Dish and Satellite Box and connecting you to providers such as Sky and Freesat. All Satellite Receivers are compliant to CAI standards and is European Compatible and our Satellite Dishes are high grade, durable and offer high performance. As well as Satellite Dish Installation we can also provide a TV Wall Mounting Service in West Sussex so you can watch the latest films, music videos and dramas in style, not from the corner of a room but in a central location that’s great for everyone.


We offer our Aerial Services to 23 areas including Worthing and are set to offer them to many more because of growing demand. As professional Aerial Installers our range of services is vast, from installing Sky to our TV Wall Mounting Service. We can also service and repair a huge range of TV Aerials, Satellite Dishes and Cables and can offer Sky installation in Worthing and Freesat packages. We provide all the equipment needed whether its a Sky Dish or TV Aerial Extension and all our equipment is compliant to CAI standards and has been tested to ensure it is Digital Ready. So why trust anyone else with one of the most important gadgets in your household? Get the experts in!